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All Shop Lovers formally allshoplovers.com is an online store focused around popular merchandise such as clothing, accessories, domestic appliances and more. We aim to provide a smooth and manageable shopping experience for all of our customers. Price, customer satisfaction and great products are what we strive for with this store. We want nothing more and are always happy to work with and serve our customers.


All Shop Lovers [formally allshoplovers.com] is owned completely by CHAZ GROUP LTD which is a private limited company primarily based in England. For more info please click the link.

CHAZ GROUP LTD commonly abbreviated as CGL does not oversee operations of this online store. CGL is responsible for the stores conduct and the workers, employees, officers and other members of All Shop Lovers.

Store Focus

So what is this store all about? We aim, as we previously stated, to provide great affordable products that are rare and hard to find for the average customer. Our aim is to create a smooth, quick and worry-free shopping experience for all of our customers, without any hassle or thought. We offer a wide range of popular products that are on demand right now. These are the most sort after and popular up and coming products that we can find and we aim to offer them for a great price too!


Prices obviously vary on this store but we offer a wide range of different products. We try to make everything as affordable as possible. If you’re looking for info on refunds or resends the please read our Policy on Refunds, Resends and Returns here.

Customer relationship

We value our customers very much and thats why are policy is very lenient. Please reach out to us if you have a question about an order or product or any other inquire for that matter. You can get in touch using these 3 methods:

  1. support@allshoplovers.com
  2. inquiries@cradleview.net (please put an appropriate reference)
  3. You can call us on +447462700766 or 07462700766 (please only call if you receive no response via email first for at least 2 days or if your inquiry is very urgent.)

We always aim to respond within 24 hours but if for some reason we do not please use the information above to assist you. Also, please speak very clearly and in English, you will be treated the same way. Your number may also be blocked if you continually call even after the matter you are calling about has been resolved or the dispute closed.


You can open a dispute by emailing us using our email:


Please make sure you include the relevant info about your dispute and your order number, tracking number (if you got one) and any other relevant information such as your email, age, name etc. Please do not be vague in your emails, get straight to the point. The more straightforward you are with us the easier it will be to resolve your issue.


If you would like to start a partnership please email:


Send us your pitch and any other relevant information will would need from you. We will respond within 2-4 business days, please be patient.


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