Blue Light Glasses: The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Better Sleep

How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

To answer this question, we have to first look at the science of how blue light affects us. In a Harvard study, an experiment where the effects of blue light vs other colours showed that blue light had the largest impact on our melatonin suppression.

Melatonin secretion is part of the system in your body for regulating your circadian rhythm. By disrupting the circadian rhythm, your body doesn’t know when to feel sleepy. This causes you to lie awake at night and results in sleep deprivation. 

Dangers of Nocturnal Blue Light Exposure 

Some studies have made a link between over exposure to light at night, and obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It’s not clear that the light is the cause, however exposure to blue light has shown to suppress melatonin secretion. 

What are Blue Blocking Glasses?

Blue light blocking glasses are usually red or orange tinted which block the blue spectrum of light. By blocking this spectrum, your body can produce more melatonin and as it gets closer to bedtime, you’ll feel drowsier than usual. Then you’ll fall asleep faster and get a deeper, more refreshing sleep. 

The COVID pandemic has made these glasses even more important, since everyone is glued to their screens every waking hour of the day. 

Blue Light Glasses: The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Better Sleep

Screens from our phone, computers and TV blast this blue light right into our eyes until we sleep. The big companies know this. That’s why Macs and PC’s started adopting ‘night modes’, and apps like Flux are becoming more popular. 

Just one minute into wearing blue blocker glasses in the evening and you’ll already feel calmer. This isn’t just a placebo effect. It’s happening because the orange tinted blue blocking glasses make you blind to the harmful blue light. 

Your body thinks you’re back in cave-dweller times and you’re only seeing dim moonlight or firelight. Your blindness to blue light makes your body produce the melatonin it needs to keep your circadian rhythm in check and helps you fall asleep faster and easier. 

Stop Lying Awake Wondering Why You Can’t Sleep

If you’ve ever lay awake at night with your mind racing, it might be because your body and mind never got the evening relaxation it needed, away from blue night. 

There are two solutions you can try. 

Stop using technology in the evening, turn off all the lights, don’t use your phone or computers or even open your fridge. This isn’t realistic for most people.

Another solution is to wear a fashionable pair of blue blocking glasses. Do this and you can continue to use technology without the risk of damaging your sleep and your health. 

Health Benefits of Getting Better Sleep

Sleep is a time for our bodies to recover. People who get better sleep get sick less often, are more likely to stay at a healthy weight, and significantly reduce their risk of health problems. 

With great sleep you’ll reduce your stress, improve your mood and think clearer at work or school. Sleep truly is a time for the body to recover, so you can be at your best. 

Good sleep improves your memory, reduces inflammation, makes you more alert and reduces your risk of getting cancer. 

Without good sleep, you can weaken your immune system and increase the risk of catching something. (These days this is even more important)

How to Use Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Wear them in the evening for a few hours before you head off to sleep, and you’ll fall asleep faster and easier. Those racing thoughts will slow to a snail’s pace as your tired mind and body help you drift off to sleep. 

After wearing blue blockers for 6 years, I am a true believer and fan. The science has proven how blue light affects us in the evening, and without turning myself into a caveman, the best solution has been to wear blue light blocking glasses.

When Not to Wear Blue Light Glasses

Be careful when wearing these glasses when you go out. If you’re driving, then you shouldn’t wear them because they will make you feel drowsier and your need to be alert behind the wheel. However, if you use public transport to get around, then it’s safe to use them. 

If you’re at home, wear them in the evening if you have screens or lights on. Blue light comes from everywhere, your fridge, your desk lamp, or the outdoor streetlight. This stops you getting the sleep you need. 

Summary of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Humans haven’t evolved for city life, so our bodies can’t take the extra light pollution. We react by staying alert all evening, then trying desperately to fall asleep at night. 

Trick your brain into producing the melatonin it needs to have a healthy circadian rhythm. Wear blue light blocking glasses at night and your body will be hypnotised into a healthy healing sleep. 

 – Use dimmed lights and red lights, which don’t have the same negative effects as blue lights. 

 – Avoid bright screens, dim the lights and use apps like flux or nightmare

 – Wear blue light blocking glasses in the evening and night

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